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What is the Indian Lake Club?
The Indian Lake Club consists of 22 cottages on a strip of land on the eastern shore of Indian Lake, Cass County, Michigan, USA. Actually the term "cottages" is a misnomer, as many of the homes are full fledged year-round homes, with heating and air conditioing. The homes are privately owned. The Club was founded in 1897.
Do the cottage owners own the land their home sits on?
No, the land each home sits on, is owned by another party. The home owners have leased the land from the owner through annual rental payments, renegioated from time to time.
Does the Club function like a condo owner's association?
In many ways, yes. The Club has it's own bylaws and other rules. The club is governed by a President and other governing positions including a Board of Directors. The bylaws can be found elsewhere on this site.
What if an owner wants to sell their home?
That also is regulated by the bylaws. Since an owner owns their home, they could technically take the house with them and leave the empty land behind. However, doing so would be extremely costly and impractical.
How can I buy a home at the Indian Lake Club?
There are basically two ways that can happen: 1) The owner dies, and the home is passed on to a survivor or survivors, either by the directions of a Will, or probate court.
2) If you find a home at the Club up for sale and make an offer. Again, the Club bylaws come into play, and direct that other members of the club have first right of refusal to purchase the home up for sale. All sales are dependent on Club approval.
Can I rent a home at the Club for a week or two during the summer?
Sub-letting of homes at the club is prohibited by the Club bylaws.
Is the Club associated with the Indian Lake Yacht Club?
Although part of the annual dues paid by Club members goes to an annual Yacht Club membership, there is no actual relationship between the Indian Lake Club and the Indian Lake Yacht Club. If you would like to contact the Indian Lake Yacht Club, you are encouraged to visit indianlakeyachtclub.org. 
Do home owners pay taxes?
 Yes, of course. Home owners pay property tax on their homes just like everyone else. Club members pay taxes to area schools, to the township, county, etc.

Frequently asked questions about the Indian Lake Club


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